Frequently asked questions

1. Where can I buy tickets?

This is a free concert so you don’t need any tickets to enter.

2. Will there be a seating area on the Palace Square?

Yes, there will be stalls with 1400 seats between the Alexander Column and the Arch of the General Staff Building.

3. Where will the entrance to the Palace Square be located?

The Square will be surrounded by the perimeter fence, with the entrances from the Pevchesky Bridge (Pevchesky Most) and Palace Drive (Dvortsovy proezd). Due to the large number of people, other entrances may be opened.

4. When can I enter the Palace Square?

The access to the Palace square will be limited from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The entrance gates open at 8 p.m.

5. How can I enter the event?

Due to the increased security measures, each audience member will have to walk through a metal detector arch.

6. What should I wear?

We advise you not to rely on the weather forecast and take warm clothes with you anyway. The open space of the Palace Square and the proximity of the Neva River cause accelerated winds. Besides, we should not forget that the weather in St. Petersburg changes all the time and there is always a chance of rain. So take your umbrella with you.

7. What is in a concert program?

A concert program includes gems of the world’s best classics –masterpieces by J. Rossini, V. Bellini, G. Donizetti, G. Bizet, G. Verdi, J. Puccini, F. Cilea, C. Gounod, J. Strauss, C. Bixio, F. Loewe and others.

8. In what language will the singers perform?

Singers will perform in Italian, French, Spanish, English and Russian.

9. Is it a live performance?

Every piece in the program of «Classics at the Palace Square» Gala concert is performed live.

10. How long does the concert last?

The concert will last two hours: from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

11. Can I take children to a concert?

Absolutely! «Classics at the Palace Square» concert has no age restrictions. But! You should consider the changing weather and the proximity of the Neva River. Take warm water-resistant clothes with you so nothing will spoil the evening.

12. Where is the best place to watch the concert?

Thanks to the modern technology, the sound will be transmitted equally in all directions, and additional screens will allow everyone to see all the details of the show.

13.Will there be a live broadcast of the show?

Yes, «St.Petersburg» TV channel will show the live broadcast of the concert. TV version will be shown on «Russia-Kultura» channel at the beginning of the TV season in September.