Дарья Александрова - ведущая концерта Классика на Дворцовой

Aleksandra Kurzak


Music has always been a part of Aleksandra’s life — she learned to play the violin and the piano from an early age, but then chose singing as her career. As time has shown, this was an extremely fortuitous choice not just for Aleksandra, but for the world of opera as well.

Today, the name Kurzak appears on the playbills of the most eagerly-anticipated productions of the world’s leading opera houses and music festivals. A virtuoso master of the bel canto technique, she works extensively in the dramatic repertoire. She is also a subtle and multifaceted actress. For her, Desdemona is not just Verdi’s character but Shakespeare’s, too, and Susanna belongs not just to Mozart but also to Beaumarchais. This is why Kurzak’s stage performances inspire unfeigned delight and linger long in the memory of audiences.

Kurzak already has a vast repertoire, but she has no intention of stopping and continues to move forward, acknowledging that for her it’s important to be receptive to everything new. The stage partnership between Aleksandra and her husband Roberto Alagna has proved particularly fruitful — not only are they a happily married couple, but they are also a union of two brilliant artistic individuals, capable of bringing original and profound interpretations of the opera repertoire to the stage.