Дарья Александрова - ведущая концерта Классика на Дворцовой

Roberto Alagna


Sparkling, inspired, and inimitable, he has long had no need to seek fame — it’s fame that hangs at his coattails, following him around the world as it tries to crown him with yet more laurels. One of the greatest singers of our age, and probably the greatest tenor that France has produced in several centuries, he is beloved by audiences of all kinds. It’s hard to imagine a season at the Met, in Vienna or in London without Alagna, but at the same time his name can fill several thousand seats at concerts for lovers of lighter music. He is the pearl of French repertoire, but his range extends to jazz and chanson — his artistry and virtuosity shine through in any genre.

Alagna’s roots are in Sicily, although he was born just outside Paris. His family sang everything, and sang all the time. At nights, Roberto performed in Parisian cabarets. A meeting with the great Luciano Pavarotti changed his life, and he won the Pavarotti International Voice Competition in Philadelphia, giving the world a chance to hear a voice that is the stuff of dreams.

In his 30‑year career, he has performed more than 60 opera roles. For the role of Romeo, he won an Olivier Award in London, a rare honour for an opera singer. Alagna’s recordings include gold, platinum, and double-platinum discs, and his innumerable awards include a Grammy.